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We sell high quality Peruvian hand painted and glazed ceramic beads. Handmade one by one by high skilled Peruvian artisans. Made in Cusco with the same clay that was used by the Incas.
Peru has along tradition in making all kinds of ceramics. In our cataloge you will find the traditional beads with Inca geometrical and pre Colombian designs, also more modern beads as sport beads, animal shape beads and different designs. Our beads are used as well by professional jewelry designers as by people at home who want to give a special touch at there existing jewelry or make there own jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc.
Pottery is the most important product in the traditional Andean and Peruvian region and its history goes back to the pre-Hispanic history, approximately 2000 B.C.
In Peru the development of ceramics has a long history. It appears almost simultaneously in different parts and regions and 1850 BC is the earliest date for the  initial potters.